Hello and welcome to Heritage Tractor Adventure website!
We have been organizing tractor adventure events for the last 15 years, and so far, thousands of people enjoyed our rides. We host the annual gathering, where people can compete, race and participate in our 50-mile long ride. There is always food and refreshments provides, as well as a chance to meet new people and share your experiences.

We organize a couple of event during the year, where we offer our visitors various rides. The only requirement is that you have a tractor. Considering the number of visitors, it would be impossible to supply everyone.
The rides are quite exciting and you have an opportunity to see our beautiful landscape and get in touch with nature. Depending on your skills and how long you can drive a tractor, we organize different types of trails. For instance, you can participate in a 10, 30 and 50-mile long ride. The terrain is manageable because we want to provide our visitors to experience a genuine adventure.

We often provide with discounts, free rides, and we have excellent instructors if you want to learn how to drive a tractor. We are looking forward to having you this season!