Frequently Asked Questions

How many miles are traveled per day?

Tractors will travel between 30 and 50 miles per day.

How many people can drive the tractor?

Only one person is allowed on each tractor at a time, but multiple drivers can switch off at an extra fee.

Are any hotels designating rooms for the event?

The Heritage Corridor CVB will be happy to arrange lodging for you and your family during the event. Call 866-6TRACTOR for more information.

Are the meals provided?

Meals are offered at a minimal charge at the stopping points along the parade and benefit the area communities. Advance reservations are required. Complete packages are available.

In what order are the tractors going to be placed?

Faster tractors will start the route first. Tractors will be grouped according to their speed.

Will Max Armstrong be staying with the parade during the entire event?

Yes. Max will be leading the entire parade on his own tractor.

Are there any requirements my tractor has to meet?

Yes. Your tractor must have rubber tires and be able to travel at least 6 miles per hour.

What events are planned for the evening?

Check back soon for new information.

Are spectators allowed to drive along the route in a car?

No. An alternate route will be provided so support crews and visitors may meet tractors at lunch and evening stops.

What can my family do while I drive the tractor?

They can enjoy the sights and sounds of the Heritage Corridor region, including river cruises, museum tours, casino gaming and outdoor recreation. They also can join you in the evening for parades, as well as other entertainment. Family packages are available.

Are there any age restrictions on being a driver?

Drivers must be 16 years of age or older with a valid driver’s license.

During the evening events, can I bring another antique tractor for display?

Yes. We will have more information available after January.

What if my tractor breaks down?

We will have a sag wagon and personnel with cell phones traveling with each group.

Can we get a discount on the ticket?

We are happy to approve discounts for our visitors. It all depends on the number of people coming with you. Ten or more people are eligible for the discounted ticket of 10%