Tractors come in all shapes and sizes, and they feature different horsepower engines. With the help of tractors, farming becomes more comfortable and more efficient. You can also, attach plow or blower and use the tractor to remove snow, wood, the stone of mulch.

Some people even use tractors to mow lawns, but they are probably dealing with a couple of acres at the same time. Whether your job depends on this machine, or you want to know how it operates, you can learn how to drive a tractor in a couple of hours. So, here are the crucial steps you need to learn.

Climb up into the seat

Before you begin this entire experience, you need to get familiar with the controls and find the clutch. Pay attention to seat and make sure to adjust it so that you can reach the steering wheel, throttle and other controls with your hands and feet.

Some tractors have seatbelts, so make sure to wear it. However, you will find that many farmers don’t follow this rule while being on the field. But, if this is your first time driving a tractor, you need to follow all safety regulations because accidents do happen.

Start with the clutch

Once you are ready to start a tractor, press the clutch to the floor. Clutch is always on the left side, so you should push it with your left foot. You can to be sure that transmission is in neutral mode, as you turn it over. Press the brake with your right foot and turn the key to start the engine.

When the tractor is on, drop the throttle slowly because you don’t want to kill the engine. This will give the engine enough time to warm up. If you jump straight from turning it over to driving, then it won’t start, and your tractor will shut down.

Don’t forget the parking brake

If you want to drive, then you need to release a parking brake, while continue holding the clutch to the tractor floor. After this, you should put the transmission into first gear and then slowly lift your foot off the clutch.

It’s the same case as with the manual transmission. You need to be slow and smooth as possible, and it’s a lot easier because you don’t have to push the gas actively. Make sure to keep the throttle at a low setting, as you take your foot off the break.

Maintain a slow speed

Tractors aren’t made to go fast, but they are made to be durable and robust. You shouldn’t push it, go slowly, treating turns, curves, and hills, especially if you are carrying attachments and other hardware.

If you want to stop the tractor, then press the clutch to the floor again, switch gear to a neutral mode and set the parking brake. Slow down the throttle and turn off the key. In this way, engine stops and your tractor is off.